Walpack Township
9 Main Street
Walpack Center, NJ 07881
Phone and Fax: 973-948-6861
Office Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Direct Mail to:
PO Box 813, Sussex NJ 07461

Directory, Contacts and Meeting Schedules

Mayor (R) Victor J. Maglio (12/17) 973 479-6976
Committee Members (R) James Heigis (12/2016) 973-948-3890


  (D) Janina Wycalek, Deputy Mayor (12/2018) 973-948-4903

Meetings: Last Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM

Municipal Clerk Christine M. Von Oesen .

walpackclerk@live.com      (email preferred)

Deputy Clerk Riaa Maglio 908 841-9577
Treasurer and CFO Ashley Kannaley 0
  walpack.cfo@gmail.com   (email preferred)  
Tax Collector Theresa Schlosser  
  PO Box 813, Sussex NJ 07461


  walpack.tax@gmail.com  (email only)  

Amy Lobban

973-948-3520 x 200
Deputy Registrar Theresa Doyle 973-948-3520 x 200
Attorney Glenn Kienz 973 403-1100
Tax Assessor Kristy Lockburner  
Construction Official Greg Chontow 973-347-2501
Township Engineer Michael Vreeland 862-284-1100
Fire Official State of NJ 9
Office of Emergency Management    
Walpack Historical Society Jen Wycalek 973-948-4903

Sandyston/Walpack Board of Education

Superintendent   973-948-4450
Secretary Carol Kylish 973-948-4450

  Meeting: Held at SWS, 100 Route 560 - First Wednesday of each month at 8:00 PM


Kittatinny Regional Board of Education

Craig Hutcheson Superintendent 973-383-1800
Margaret Conroy Secretary 973-383-1800

Meeting: Held at KRHS, 77 Halsey Road - Third Thursday of each month at 8:00 PM

(Board of Education meetings held at schools - other meetings at Town Hall)